Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ana Aheb Al Side Braids ( Traslation: I LOve Side Braids )

How to Make a Messy Side Braids

•First, spritz on a texturizing wax or spray, like Sally Hershberger Genius Spray Wax ($12.50). For full volume, tip your head upside down and lightly blow-dry your locks while the product is still wet.

•Next, create a deep side part, and then section off the face-framing layers from the back of the hair. Braid the back section at an angle so that it sweeps from one side of the nape to the other.

•Tease or curl the front sections to create the desired effect of tousled tresses, and lightly break up the tightness of the braid by using your fingers to separate the strands. Spritz with a medium hold hairspray for further hold.
Source (Taken from) : bellasugar


Hunoof Hamad said...

3ajeeeeeeeb !!!! <3

Tamara Al Haza'a said...

reminded me with my hair style in the secondary school, love it and it is hoty girlsssssssssss xoxox!