Monday, May 31, 2010

** R.I.P Gary Coleman **

** Pretty or What! **


** Ombre Rose Perfume by Brosseau **

For all you sexy ladies out there Ombre Rose Perfume by Brosseau, is classified as a luxurious, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of rosewood, geranium, rose, cedarwood, honey, vanilla and musk. It is light and I highly recommend it for summer, one of my FAVORITE perfumes to wear.

** PARTY of the YEAR **


The Constance bag from HERMES has been around for so long but it is not in demand as the Birkin or Kelly, it cost as much as the kelly. It is a day and evening wear, it's simply stunning ♥... How can i get her out of my head ..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

** Whats up with Whatsapp ! **

Watsapp messenger is a wonderful smart application which enables it's all iPhone and blackberry users to exchange messages between each other without paying a dime (Blackberry + Blackberry / iPhone + iPhone / Blackberry + iPhone).

Mac Cosmetics to the Beach 2010 Collection




S*p*i*c*e up your look to the (beach). Available on May 27, 2010

To check the products visit

** Blake Lively Covers Vogue June 2010 **

It’s summer time, sand, sun, waves and surf. Blake Lively heats up the beach for VOGUE June 2010. Photographed by Mario Testino...Read Blake's interview at Vogue's Website.

TELUS Launches Pink Blackberry Pearl 3G. Do you like it?

Are you for or Against the Pink Blackberry Pearl 3G

** 40+ and Fabulous **

Samantha's spiky-shouldered red dress designed by New York designers Phillipe and David Blond is absolutely fabulous <3<3<3 ..... "Sex and the City 2" is a lot more fun this year especially that it is partially shot in ABU DHABI and the costumes alone makes it worth watching.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


This CHANEL cassette clutch has been around for a while, it's vintage but I wonder which year they were selling it properly somewhere in the 80s when cassettes were popular. Some people will like it and some will don't. I personally believe it's a F U N K Y way to dress up, it's rare, it's edgy and it's a chanel after all. The Chanel Lucite Cassette Tape Clutch is available at for $1,500. They also offer international shipping. Check it out before it's GONE !! …..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

** iPad Dress up **

I bet you are all familiar with the Louis Vuitton iphone cases. Louis vuitton did not neglect the 'iPad', it gave it the o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-ty to rock in style. Louis Vuitton iPad Cases are available in classic Monogram and Damier canvas flavors at a price of $366.

The Award for Best Song of the Month Goes to...... محمد الزيلعي

This song is really awesome and I can't stop dancing every time I listen to it. It is stuck in my head for two weeks now. Download it and lets dance and sing along ......

ما يطيق الصبرا .. يا مل قلب ٍ .. ما يطيق الصبرا

نحت انا له وبرا .. نوح الحمامه .. نحت انا له وبرا

يا نظير عيوني .. ودعتك الله .. يا نظير عيوني

عبروا مضنوني .. يا اهل المراكب .. عبروا مضنوني

وإن رجع مضنوني .. نذر ٍ عليٌه .. لا رجع مضنوني

ثم اعيّد شهرا .. واصوم عامين .. ثم اعيّد شهرا

للحبيب وساده .. حطيت زندي .. للحبيب وساده

عن هلي سلاني .. حب الحبيّب .. عن هلي سلاني


To download this song click on the link below

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

** Cavalli does Dubai **

Summer has finally arrived and do you want to hit the beach in style? This sac is so beachy perfect, and what do I want more than having my city name in the heart of the bag. Hurry up and head to your nearest Roberto Cavalli store and get it for only 500 dhs.

Monday, May 24, 2010

** GAGA Plays with Fashion **

Over a year ago, a friend (Sara) and I were thinking of having our birkins pimped with a horse or a falcon drawing, and here comes Lady Gaga landing in Tokyo for her Moster Ball Tour carrying a white Hermes Birkin with a message to her fans. “I love small monster. Toyko love.”
She is such an inspreation, she is not afraid to play with fashion, she puts her own touch in everything she wears, she is simply incredible. I LOVE LADY G. Now, I am wondering will we see people doodling on their Birkin or Kelly? Let's wait and see….

Sunday, May 23, 2010

** It's Not a Junk Trunk **

I have always dreamt of having a Louis Vuitton trunk with my initials. The idea of having the LV trunk as a table is really awesome and caught my attention when I first saw it. Ownig a DJ system and having a sitting area in my room will fit perfectly with this concept. Hopefully it's my next big buy. Whoever owns a rusty trunk that belongs to their parents or grandparents don't throw it away, decorate it in a fashionable way.

** Fabric Care **

Buying a new pair of cloth is exciting and fun. However, it is very frustrating when it gets damaged after washing. Did you ever wonder why your garments are damaged after washing? Do you want to keep your favorite piece of cloth safe and sound? Delicate and expensive clothes are maintained through proper wash and dry. The solution for this dilemma is so simple all you need to do is check the laundry symbols at the back of the cloth. I am posting this reminder to bear in mind that with careful protection from harmful washing, you can keep them as new as ever and wear your clothes until you want them to be. Rock hard SISTAS! xx